Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising

Founded in 2008, Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising started with the purchase of an existing billboard structure in Glasgow, Kentucky. Since then, Josh and Ashlee Strong have looked to build one of the fasted growing outdoor advertising companies in South Central Kentucky. Since the first structure, Greater Vision Outdoor has built four more multi-face structures in the Glasgow/Barren River Lake area, bought a two-face structure in Hodgenville, Kentucky, and just finished the latest two-face structure in Tompkinsville. With a drive to expand, vision to see the industry’s latest innovations, and the faith to know the next step both for our lives and our company, Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising looks to become the leader in billboard advertising in the Kentucky and beyond.


Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising is constantly looking to expand its already growing lineup of billboards. Starting with a single 4-panel structure in late 2008, the next twelve calendar months was such a true blessing. In early ’09 we built a 4 panel structure south of Glasgow, then another north of Glasgow. In between, we bought an existing structure in Hodgenville. In late summer, we built another 2 panel structure south of Glasgow. In late fall, we expanded an existing one panel structure east of Glasgow to a 4 panel structure. Finally, we built our last structure of 2009—a two panel structure on Main St in Tompkinsville. We are so thankful to have gone from one structure to six in twelve months. Even with a wonderful 2009, our plans to expand are still in full swing for 2010 and beyond. We are looking to build four more structures in the Glasgow/Barren County area, another in Tompkinsville, and one more in Hodgenville. We hope to expand into other areas of south central Kentucky and northern Tennessee in the months to come.


In our expansion efforts, Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising will strive to not only build top of the line steel structures but to institute the latest and best in billboard technology. We use state of the art galvanized aluminum panels, billboard lighting components, and art design and printing technology to bring our customers the best billboards. We strive to see what improvements the industry has next and stay on the edge of advancement while always keeping customer cost as low as possible. We hope to stay on the cutting edge with tri-vision and LED billboards in our foreseeable future. With quality components, coupled with our standard of prime locations, Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising will forge into the future of the billboard industry by bringing the best to our customers needs.


Everything we do, both in our life and our work, is a testament to the strength and help the Lord is to us. In our life and in our company, we lean on Him to guide us and direct us. We hope that our workmanship, our business dealings, and everything we say and do will reflect how much we count on Him to direct our life. We have a lively hope that our light may shine out that others may see how the Lord has blessed us in all our endeavors. He has truly opened all the doors that have made our company possible and we strive to reflect that in all we do. I have faith that Greater Vision Outdoor Advertising will grow and prosper as long as we continue to do our very best and always keep Him first.